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Health and Nutrition Coordinator (Expiration 18/02/2019)

Conditions générales Expatriate contract under Swiss labour code 3’400 CHF (~2’950 €) < > 4’750 CHF (~4’100 €) net /month according to experience x 13 times, Vacancy: 25 days annual leaves local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance, accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight. Duration: 6 months.
Description générale The Health and Nutrition coordinator – is responsible for the management and implementation of the Health and Nutrition Project implemented in Nigeria, Borno state. The position has a 5 pronged dimension: 1. Day-to-day implementation and follow-up of the activities 2. Support and capacity building of our national counterpart (MoH) 3. Provision of technical support for the health and nutrition sector in Tdh mission 4. Network and representation with keys partners (Governement and INGO) 5. Responsible for the M&E for Tdh project
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Cahier des charges

Objective 1: Project Cycle Management

  • Implementation of TdH’s health and nutrition activities in Borno, online with the framework and proposal, including indicators.
  • Writing of the narrative monthly, quarterly, intermediate and final reports, according to the templates and requirements of the donor.
  • Writing of monthly internal reports of activities, and as requested by his/her line manager.
  • Planning of activities. He/she must provide activity planning for all the duration of the project, as well as monthly and/or as requested.
  • Management of resources. Together with the logistic and administrative departments in the base, he/she participates in the definition and planning of needs, budgetary planning and/or requests.
  • Ensures that TdH’s policies on security, child protection and fraud prevention are know by all staff and counterparts under his/her management, and strictly implemented.
  • Creates and applies a communication and visibility plan in the project(s) under his/her responsibility.
  • Designs, and ensures the correct implementation of a monitoring plan for the activities and staff of our local counterparts.
  • Designs, and implements correctly, a data gathering system and tools as needed for the implementation of the project.
  • Ensures the capitalization of lessons learnt and good practices in formal documents.
  • As needed and requested, produces the PSRs for the procurement of items in the project, defines the technical specifications of any item to be purchased and collaborates with the Logistic Department in Maiduguri for the successful implementation of procurement processes.
  • Ensures that all other logistic procedures (such as movement planning, planning of resources’ needs, etc.) for his/her team are complied, following TdH’s standard practices and policies.

Objective 2: Coordination and Representation

  • Participates in internal coordination meetings as needed and requested.
  • Participates in external coordination meetings (Cluster meetings, meetings with health authorities) and ensures the correct technical coordination of TdH health and nutrition activities.
  • Represents TdH in front of the Ministry of Health in Borno capital, as requested.
  • Ensures the correct integration of TdH’s Health and Nutrition activities and strategy in the Ministry of Health’s plans, policies and regulations.
  • Ensures the coordination and solves potential overlapping of activities with other organizations and actors in the health and nutrition sector in Borno State LGA’s.
  • As requested by his/her Line Manager, take part in the definition of strategic orientation for the mission, be it in the operational or in the technical part.
  • Ensures communication and reporting regarding technical matters, as needed, with the Nutrition and Health Coordinator or, in his/her absence, with the Health Specialist in HQ.
  • Participates, as requested by his/her Line Manager, in the writing of Health and Nutrition proposals.

Objective 3: Management of Human Resources

  • As needed by the project’s implementation needs, and as requested by his/her line manager, takes part in the definition of the team neded for the correct implementation of the project, or any other member of the Health and Nutrition department.
  • Ensures the correct implementation of HR policies inside the team controlled by him/her. Is responsible for the appraisal of competences of his/her team, according to the regular calendar and practices of TdH.
  • Is responsible for the writing and updating of the job descriptions of the member of the Health and Nutrition team.
  • Recruit, trains and supervises the Health and Nutrition staff for the project, according to needs and job description’s definitions. Ensures a long-term vision in the building of capacity of the mission’s Health and Nutrition staff.

1. Degree in Medicine or Nursing.
2. At least four years of experience in the implementation of Health and Nutrition projects.
3. Excellent knowledge of the LogFrame Approach.
4. Excellent level of English, written and spoken.
5. Excellent handling of IT tools, be it generalistic (Windows, Office, etc.) as well specific (EPI-INFO, etc.)
6. Experience working in rural African contexts.
7. Experience in representation, lobbying and advocacy.

Contexte In line with the 2017 Humanitarian Needs and Requirement Overview for Nigeria, more than 8 Millions of people require humanitarian assistance, especially located in the Northeastern part of Nigeria, Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe. Tdh, present in the South West of Nigeria since 2009 through child protection activities decided to launch an analysis of the situation, with a specific focus on Child Protection, Health and WASH, in the aim to extend its activities to participate to the humanitarian response in the Northeastern part to support the populations affected by the drought, famine and insurgency.
Années d'expériences professionnelles requises 5-10 ans


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Expérience :
4 ans
Niveau d'étude :
Diplôme universitaire
Lieu de travail :
Maiduguri - NIGERIA
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