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Risk Control Senior Manager (Expiration 07/12/2018)

Job Purpose
• Ensuring all RCU activities & duties are carried out efficiently (limits management, documentation and monitoring & control) to the entire Commercial Banking portfolio in full compliance with Enterprise Risk Management Framework Standards, Policies / processes & procedures, and internal & external regulators’ requirements.
• Understand both credit & operational risks with ability to find new controls / enhance outstanding ones to properly mitigate related risks. 
• To lead, manage & support RCU members under his / her supervision for ensuring efficient monitoring & control of the corporate portfolio, facilitate flow of work & solve any outstanding problem / obstacle.

Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Team Leadership

Time Split: 
20 – 30 % Responsibilities:
• Develop highly motivated team maintaining excellent relationships with own team and wider team to ensure achievement of business goals
• Provide leadership to the Limits management, the documentations and the M&C team in the RCU in line with the Team’s overall strategy
• Help identify training needs and provide coaching to all members of the Risk Control Unit (RCU) to improve performance.
• Act as a role model and drive proactive application of all our Behaviors throughout the team.
• Work closely with the Relationship team and Credit team to ensure effective management of day to day staff resources to ensure that procedures and processes are followed as per RCU standard operating manual that appropriate support is provided to our stakeholders and that added value is provided where possible.
• Support the head of RCU in delivering effective PD’s for the team members.
• Take responsibility for Succession Planning for the RCU members to include identification of new recruits and the recruitment & selection process.
• Ensure that RCU allocated team members have the sufficient resources to meet all internal / external credit risk regulations’. 

Risk Management
Time Split: 
50 – 60 % Responsibilities:
• Responsible for monitoring & control of Corporate live portfolio & Financial Institution to assure adherence terms & conditions of credit approvals identifying any areas within the portfolio that are cause for concern / potential cause for concern. Communication both up and down the reporting lines, including the following activities. 

 Limits Managements E2E process
 Excess monitoring and risk reports management
 Covenants management E2E process
 Post Disbursement process
 Tracking completeness of all terms & conditions included within credit approval 
 Maintenance of Robust and fully updated database. 

• Act as a source of technical excellence and point of reference in relation to limits &monitoring control activities for the CCM’s, CBD.
• Manage the maintenance / improvement of the administration quality of the Portfolio (as detailed in the RCU operating Manual). 
• Maintain interactive relationship with CCM’s and CBD/ECC to ensure rectifying the outstanding issues.
• Undertake quarterly review of the Corporate Credit Key Risks and their mitigating controls by way of DRCSA testing and guidelines.
• Own and monitor the achievement of agreed targets for risk performance measures by the RCU team taking corrective action where applicable.
• Ensure RCU have the resources required to enable compliance with any external / internal regulations regarding Credit Risk. 
• Manage production and review of Financial Covenant Monitoring sheet detailing outstanding issues regards covenant breaches etc. 
• Managing preparation & review of Post Sanction Aide Memoir
• Managing and reviewing of the Daily Refer List to ensure excesses have been approved and appropriately diarized to check clearance.
• Supports the RCU head as point of contact for both internal and external auditors to improve quality of audit final results.
• Management of maintenance, review & follow up of a complete Diary System detailing deficiency & deferrals/loans repayment dates/ excesses clearance dates/dated securities & Covenants.
• Management of the Financial Covenant and Internal Risk Trigger Monitoring systems/data in regards to its integrity of capturing, advising and escalation of overdue and failed / breached covenants.
• Ensure compliance with the instructions & regulations of internal & external auditors and the Central Bank of Egypt for the corporate customers.

Business Risk Partnership
Time Split:
15 – 20 %
• Act as a source of technical excellence and point of reference to RCU team in relation to all related activities, systems (Amplitude, Murex, IDC’s & Daltex) and Monitoring & Control technical issues 
• Attend meetings with the Corporate Credit manager’s / Relationship Manager’s or Operations if problem related issues are to be discussed / need to be resolved. 
• Ensure a consistent quality of service to all RCU stakeholders (credit risk, corporate banking, treasury, securities management, MIS, commercial corporate services, trade finance, legal & operations). 
• Maintain & develop a close working relationship with all RCU stakeholders. 
• Present & escalate outstanding issues with proper follow up till being finalized.
• Work in partnership with Credit team/ Relationship Managers on new and existing customers to ensure perfect Limits loading & monitoring according to credit approval requirements.
• Work in partnership with MIS team to ensure having high level of input’s accuracy & avoid any mismatch / data quality issues. 
• Work in partnership with colleagues and proactively anticipate, respond to and seek to exceed the expectations of customers.
• Engaged in banks projects to ensure maintaining / improve related controls to mitigate all related risks. 

Team Working 
Time Split: 
15 – 20 %
• Develop and maintain a close working relationship with Relationship Managers, Credit Managers, CCS team, RCU team and Services and Delivery units. Act
• Attend meetings with all our stakeholders if problem related issues are to be discussed / need to be resolved.
• Support the Head of RCU in identifying training & development needs for RCU team members as appropriate.
• Delivering effective feedback & PD’s for RCU team members.
• Owner of the RCU allocated team & responsible for all their daily & periodic tasks / deliverables with excellent quality.
• Participate & encourage team members in team activities, social occasions and community initiatives.
• Be a role model for all RCU team members & others in living AWBE values. 
Technical skills / Competencies
• Leadership
• People & Performance management.
• Presentation skills. 
• Workflow management
• Strong analytical skills 
• High level of numeracy to evaluate complex statistical financial information / KPI’s.
• Interpersonal, People management, & team building skills
• Communication including negotiation skills & Presentation
• Time Management 
• High levels of PC skills (excel / power point).
• Judgment & Decision making Skills
• Strategic thinking
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
Knowledge of the Bank’s products, services and policies/or other specialist knowledge required to undertake the role

• Broad banking knowledge and understanding banks operations, plans & strategies and the contribution expected from the Risk Control Unit.
• Minimum banking experience of 15 years of which 10 years in credit risk / Risk Control Uint. 
• Expert knowledge of commercial banking credit risk operations, credit analysis and controls.
• Excellent knowledge of financial analysis / ratios and financial & non-financial covenants.
• Excellent knowledge of CBE lending / risk regulations. 
• Excellent knowledge of operational risk and rigor processes, tools and practices.
• Proven people management skills and team leadership.
• Computer literacy
• Excellent working knowledge of corporate products risks & controls. 
• Excellent understanding of the Risk Management business goals and objectives.

• Awareness of bank systems technicalities.


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